Video example of a margarita machine rental from the Margarita Masters.


Re-mix or Mix Instructions:

Quite often we are asked to leave an extra mix because our customer is unsure if they will need it or not. If this is the case and you have forgotten the mixing steps, please refer to the first half of the video to refresh your memory.

We always ask if you have the alcohol when we call to confirm your reservation. Things come up and all too often when we arrive there is no alcohol. Please refer to the first half of this video for visual instructions on how to mix. Although we made margaritas in the video, the same procedure is used to make any of our alcoholic drinks.

For non-alcoholic drinks, simply add the mix and fill the five gallon tank with water to the weld line inside the tank as depicted in the video.

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Freeze time was approx. 6 1/2 minutes @ 70 degrees in the video. These margarita machines will freeze outdoors in 100+ degree weather in under 15 minutes and you never have to add more mix to the machine unless you requested extra mixes to be left, just in case. We used a 5 gal. Tank in the video. We also have 10 gal. And 15 gal. Tanks and can connect them together in tandem for a constant flow of drinks.