Margarita Masters Essential Information To Better Your Experience For Your Margarita Machine Rental or Frozen Drink Machine Rental in the Dallas / Fort Worth areas. Information on quantity of margarita machines and Bar mix you may need depending on the size of your party or function. Frozen Drink Machine electrical requirements and alcohol requirements for our popular bar mix.

Please read through this page as it will help us to help you have a problem free rental experience.

*How Many Machines/Mixes Do I Need?

Guests Machines Mixes
0-25 1 1
25-50 1 1-2
50-75 1 2-3
75-100 2 3-5
100-150 2 4-8
150-200 2-3 8-12
Over 200 please call !!

Each mix serves approximately 70 9-oz. Drinks. (5 gallons) Good for about 25-30 guests. Consider if you will be serving other alcoholic beverages.

  • Margarita Masters does not allow the pickup of our frozen drink machine for your rental. Alot of work and pride go into maintaining our machines so they stay in good working order, look good and stay clean inside and out. We have one of, if not the, largest delivery areas. We will deliver and set up the margarita machine to give you a trouble free experience and to make sure the next customer has a problem free experience.
  • The margarita machine requires a minimum 15 amp dedicated circuit. The margarita machine needs to be placed near an electrical outlet. Extension cords are discouraged. They may cause damage to our machines. If the margarita machine must be placed in an area that must use an extension cord, it MUST be a heavy gauge cord of no less than 15 amp capacity. Don’t assume the orange extension cord out in your garage is adequate. Check the UL: rating on the cord. We carry cords with us, so we may be able to assist you, but it is NOT a part of the rental and is NOT our obligation. Never assume we will have one at the time we deliver your frozen drink machine. Again, we discourage the use. The average length of the margarita machine cord is 3.5′ to 4′.
  • For adult parties, you supply the alcohol. We’ll tell you how much. Make sure that you have the required amount of alcohol at the time of delivery to ensure proper set-up and a trouble free experience. Margarita Masters will not be held liable for malfunctions of machine if the alcohol is not provided during the time of delivery and set-up. There is a Frozen Drink Mix Video Demo . you can use to aid in the mixing and setup process of your particular frozen beverage.
  • If the frozen drink machine is moved after Margarita Masters sets up the machine and makes sure the machine is in good working order, or the electrical connection is altered in anyway. Margarita Masters will not be held liable for any failures of the margarita machine. If you need to move the frozen drink machine or alter the electrical connection in anyway, give us a call for authorization and assistance.

* Margarita Masters alcohol requirements for adult parties / Bar Mixes:

Margaritas Two 1.75 liter bottles of Tequila per mix

Blue Mesa Margaritas Three one liter bottles of Tequila
One liter Blue Curacao
per mix

Sangria Two gallons Burgundy Wine per mix

Bellinis Eight .750 mil bottles Champagne
One liter Rum
*One liter Peach Schnapps
*(For a Richer more Peachy Flavor but NOT required)
per mix

Hurricanes One liter Tequila
One liter Rum
One liter Vodka
per mix

Pina Coladas
Mai Tais
Rum Runners
Two 1.75 liter Rum per mix


  • Our frozen drink machine weighs almost 200lbs and is very awkward to carry for one person. Please advise us upon ordering if there are stairs involved. We may need some assistance during delivery and pickup !
  • Please do not turn on the margarita machine more than 10-15 minutes prior to use after the machine is set up by a Margarita Masters employee. Our margarita machines freeze your frozen drink mix within 6-15 minutes depending on the temperature in the area set up.
  • These are very fast freezing machines. At 70° these margarita machines freeze in about 6.5 minutes. Please do not allow the frozen drink machine to run any longer than 30-45 minutes without at least 1-2 cups of your frozen drink mix being poured. Again, depending on the temperature of the area the machine is set up. It is possible to freeze up the product chamber port of the margarita machine if the machine runs too long with no frozen drinks being poured. In which case, you will not be able to pour any frozen drinks. If there is a lull in the margarita machine usage, simply turn the machine to the defrost position. The frozen drink mix in the freezing chamber will remain frozen for up to an hour and you can still pour a consistent frozen beverage. When they start to get to slushy, simply turn the margaritamachine back into the on position and your frozen beverage will be thick again in a matter of a couple minutes.
  • If you experiance a freeze up, Go Here Margarita Machines Dallas / Fort Worth DFW areas Self Help .
  • Our rental policy: You break it, you pay. Faucet $75.00, Site Glass $125.00, Side Panel $125.00, Front Panel $100.00, Lid $100.00, Legs $10.00ea. Vent Cover $40.00 The items listed are the parts most likely to be damaged. This gives you a rough idea of the cost of just a few external parts with no mention of internal parts. These are $4000.00 Frozen drink machines.


Margarita Masters, accepts no liability for damage or injury resulting from misuse of our equipment or product by customer, including movement of equipment or other alteration of equipment as installed by employees of Margarita Masters. The customer assumes complete and full financial responsibility for the equipment including liability for misuse and payment for repair in case the equipment is damaged through neglect or misuse.

Margarita Masters does not supply any liquor or alcohol beverages. Our mixes are concentrates that contain no liquor or alcohol. We would also like to remind you to Please, Drink Responsibly and always use a designated driver if you must travel !!

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