The Margarita Machine

We have four different models of frozen drink machines available at Margarita Masters. If you are not sure what type of machine you need, we will be happy to discuss your individual party needs in further detail. Just fill out the information request form or give us a call at 972-642-0011.

machine-forhomeSMALLERThe Grindmaster 3311 (also known as Wilch and Crathco) machine is a solid, dependable frozen drink machine that serves a smooth and consistent product. The initial freeze time on this machine is 30-45 minutes. The mix is poured into a hopper on the top of the machine (we include a 5 gallon mixing jug). There is a product light that comes on when your mix is running low so that all you have to do is pour additional mix into the top of the machine. If you only need one mix or are not sure how many you will need, this is the machine to go with. We can leave additional mix and any unused mix will be refunded upon pickup of the machine.

52aOur Cool Technologies
frozen drink machines are very high capacity, producing 8+ gallons of frozen product per hour. The initial freeze time on this machine is only 10-15 minutes. Multiple pressurized tanks can be connected in tandem for a continuous flow of frozen product. This machine works really well for parties where numerous mixes are required.

machine-forhomeREV3Taylor frozen drink machines
have long been known for their dependability. These machines are gravity fed with a hopper on the top where you pour in the mix. The initial freeze time on these machines is about 20-30 minutes. These machines were great for individual parties and are also great for commercial use.

0000195_faby_2_500The Faby 2 Double Head frozen drink machine offers you the ability to serve two different flavors of frozen product. Each side of the machine holds about 2 ½ gallons of product. There is an initial freeze time of 45 minutes to an hour. These machines are very easy to use and operate.

Machine Setup

All of our frozen drink machines will be delivered to your location on a Rubbermaid cart. We include an attractive catering skirt that goes around the cart. The margarita machine may be set up in your desired location (inside or out) as long as there is a dedicated 15 amp electrical outlet within reach of the machine. Our margarita machines work best plugged directly into the outlet with no extension cord. We discourage the use of extension cords as they can damage our margarita machine. Our delivery personnel can determine this for you at the time of delivery.

Margarita Masters services some of the largest and most exclusive catering companies in the area. We service hotels, restaurants, party planners and some of the largest corporations, as well as individual parties. Some of them have tried the cheaper companies and always return to us. We decided that it would be easier to explain price one time than it would be to apologize for quality forever. People forget price but they never forget poor quality or a poor choice.